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A Welcome and a See You Later

The time has come to say “so long” to one of our longest serving teammates, Candace Falk — “so long”, because we don’t ever really say “goodbye” to our teammates here at GRS. Candace has been a part of the GRS team for 12 years, most recently serving as our trusted Chief Financial Officer. 

We’re sad, of course, but we’re also absolutely thrilled for Candace’s next chapter. Candace is retiring, with goals to spend more time with her family and her precious granddaughters. We couldn’t be more excited for her and the love she’ll no doubt be showered with.

Last year, we were fortunate to add Samonia Jackiewicz to our team as Finance and Operations Manager. Samonia comes to us from the accounting firm Frederick and Rosen where she was the firm’s administrative manager.  

Since Samonia came on board, she has been learning the many processes that make our company a healthy workplace for our team and assure that we continue to be trusted partners with our clients. With Samonia’s experience, GRS is in a great position to continue serving clients working to positively impact our country and our planet.

We’re so grateful for having crossed paths with both of these women. Candace, may your retirement be full of joy, health, and love, and Samonia, we’re elated to have you on the team and look forward to many wonderful years working together. 

Click here to meet Samonia.

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