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About Us

We’re a diverse team of leaders who come from wide-ranging backgrounds in policy, campaigns, philanthropy and advocacy.


With a practitioner’s approach to our work, we’re uniquely positioned to advance our shared values of equity and fairness and to meet the needs of our clients.

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20+ Years

Since our launch in 1999, we’ve partnered with hundreds of clients working for progressive change. 

3 Services

Evaluation + Strategic Engagement + Coaching & Advising

1 Commitment

Committed to building healthy, just and equitable communities. Specializing in Healthy Democracy, Economic Justice & Climate Crisis. Centering Racial and Gender Equity in all of our work.

At a Glance

  • Born from necessity

    After working on Paul Wellstone’s campaigns in the ’90s, our founders saw a need for a new kind of consulting firm, one that specializes in grassroots engagement.

  • From the grassroots, up

    We believe durable, lasting power is built from the ground up. Our team is spread across the country—10 states in all—deeply rooted in our local communities.

  • Values driven, purpose first

    We live our mission and values: in the clients we partner with and the problems we jointly take on, in the makeup of our team, and how we come together in our everyday work. 

  • Side-by-side partnership

    As a side-by-side learning and strategy partner, we facilitate with rather than do for.

  • The practitioner approach

    Every Grassroots Solutions strategist and principal has done the work. We’ve led campaigns, run nonprofits, drafted policy and organized labor. We’ve brought disparate stakeholders to the table for difficult conversations and, together, reached higher common ground. We are practitioners.

  • Our perspective on leadership

    Position alone does not make a leader. It’s listening, humility, respect, lived values, forward thinking and the courage to act. Having worked with remarkable leaders, and having led organizations and supported movements, we know how to nurture effective leadership.

  • A "networked brain"

    Our clients benefit from our wealth of knowledge and relationships, learned and gathered over 20+ years of work, bolstered by each strategist’s deep experience, and shared generously, as suits the project.

  • We’re impatient for change

    And so are our clients. With equal parts pragmatism and innovation, we problem-solve with our clients to make it so.

Grassroots Solutions Team

Our people are our strength

Today, we’re a small but mighty team, strategically spread across the United States. We’re majority-owned by women, a diverse team of leaders who come from wide-ranging backgrounds in—and now consult on—policy, campaigns, philanthropy and advocacy.

Meet our team.

Anne Johnson

Managing Principal and Co-Owner

Christina Kuo


Courtney Lee

Evaluation Project Manager

Dan Cramer


Eric Marshall


Julie Thompson

Senior Strategist

Katie Fox

Senior Strategist

Kurston Cook

Senior Strategist

Lindsay Hanson

Principal and Co-Owner

Misty Blue

Senior Strategist

Pablo Duran

Senior Strategist

Phoebe Bui

Senior Strategist

Robert Richman


Shannon McKeegan bio picture.

Shannon McKeegan

Suzanne Del Rosario

Project Manager

Equity Statement

At Grassroots Solutions, advancing equity and justice means holding ourselves accountable to ongoing learning and then putting that learning in action.

We strive to understand and help meet the needs of people—our staff, our clients and the communities our clients serve—to achieve their potential and enjoy full, healthy lives, regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, geographic location, socioeconomic background or ability.

In Practice This Means

Embracing transparency and humility, and acknowledging when we make mistakes

Constantly considering who is part of critical conversations and decision making, and who isn’t that should be

Regularly revisiting our hiring practices, vendors, and subcontractors to ensure we are deliberately diverse in race, gender, geography, expertise and lived experience

Exploring biases or preconceived notions that may affect how data will be gathered, how our strategy or evaluation products will be used, what will be produced, and by and for whom

Expecting and welcoming productive tension

Dedicating significant attention to historical and current contexts

Continuously examining how our work can contribute to the dismantling and disruption of racism and oppression

Strategically located across the U.S.

We are based in:

California, Colorado, Georgia, Minnesota, Missouri, New York, North Carolina, South Carolina, Texas, Washington D.C.

Case Studies & Other Insights

With the practitioner approach, we partner with our clients as they build a more just society.