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Exciting News from Grassroots Solutions

November 17, 2021

Dear friends,

We’re pleased to share the purposeful transition that we’ve undertaken at Grassroots Solutions over the last handful of years. It’s come to life in a number of ways:

Today, Grassroots Solutions is majority-owned by two women, Lindsay Hanson and Anne Johnson, and operates day-to-day in an all-hands, all-voices, very collaborative style, much the same way we work with our clients. Co-founders Dan Cramer and Robert Richman remain co-owners, active consultants and serve as mentors within our team. Eric Marshall, who joined the firm as a principal in 2019, rounds out our leadership team.

Grassroots Solutions is a Strategic Engagement + Evaluation consulting firm working with our clients to build healthy, just and equitable communities. We bring passion and knowledge of the landscapes, players, funding and levers of change to our three specialty practice areas: Healthy Democracy, Economic Justice and Climate Crisis.  

People are our strength. Our firm has grown to 15 individuals spread across the U.S. We’re a diverse group of leaders who come from wide-ranging backgrounds in — and now consult on — policy, campaigns, philanthropy and advocacy. With a practitioner’s approach to our work, we’re uniquely positioned to advance our shared values of equity and fairness to meet the needs of our clients.

Our evolution results from a deliberate honing. From choosing to center racial and gender equity in all of our work. From all that we’ve learned since Grassroots Solutions’ inception over twenty years ago. Our clients are impatient for just and equitable communities. So are we. We’re excited to get on to the next, together. 

With you in partnership,

Amrit Sidhu, Anne Johnson, Candace Falk, Christina Kuo, Courtney Lee, Dan Cramer, Eric Marshall, Julie Thompson, Katie Fox, Kurston Cook, Lindsay Hanson, Misty Blue, Pablo Duran, Robert Richman, Suzanne del Rosario

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